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Why do I need a recruiter?

So here you are – back on the job hunt, or considering your next big career move.

Perhaps you’ve done an initial search on a job site that returned several pages of results. Some roles sounded vaguely interesting, but scrolling through them all made your eyelids heavy.

You’ve even reached out to a few friends in your field, and endured a lengthy coffee catch-up with ex-colleague Debbie, who’s working at a company with a great reputation – but who also insists on sharing all the details of her recent home renovations and countless photos of her pets.

You’re feeling a little overwhelmed, but you’re staying optimistic. Excited at the possibilities.

So why should you get a recruiter? What does a recruiter even do?

What your network (and Debbie) is lacking is a bigger picture of the market. Specialist recruiters are immersed in your job market, and have insider knowledge of the companies that are at the top of their game – and the ones that people are jumping ship from.

Recruiters can provide guidance around what you’re worth in the market, and tailor your search to match the right opportunities, many of which aren’t publicly listed on job sites.

They can also eliminate some of the risk associated with career moves.

There are three primary reasons that companies will be hiring – and not all of them are positive. Consider the following:

  • Company A is a healthy growing business
  • Company B is back filling a role for someone who has left
  • Company C is desperate for someone to clean up the mess after the last person in the role screwed up spectacularly

It’s obvious that you’ll want to apply for a role at Company A over Company C, but without a recruiter you won’t be wise to these details.

Even Company B could be a grey area. Why did this person leave? Maybe another great career opportunity came their way – or maybe their boss was a micro-managing psychopath. It makes a big difference.

As well as providing you with this crucial inside knowledge, recruiters are pros at helping you with the below:

  • How to interview (first impressions are key!)
  • Perfecting your resume and cover letter
  • Negotiating you a better package
  • How to resign

It’s clear that to get the best possible head start on your next career journey, you need an effective recruiter. The simplest way to find a good one? We’ve got you covered. Click here.

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